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This agreement, made and entered into by and between Juliana Mary Nahas and the undersigned "purchaser" herein referred to as "purchaser", is to acknowledge and verify that purchaser engages the services of Juliana Mary Nahas. 

Should Juliana Mary Nahas be prevented from furnishing the entertainment services for reasons beyond control, such as; acts of God, force majeure, inclement weather, strike, fire, accident, transportation delays, sickness, governmental action or any other causes of like or different in nature, Juliana Mary Nahas shall have no obligation to the purchaser except to furnish purchaser any deposit or final payment moneys in her possession. When signing this agreement, or if signed by a representative, the purchaser acknowledges the representatives authority to do so and hereby assumes liability for the amount stated herein. 

50 % deposit is due on signing to hold the performance date. The deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. Final payment is due 45 days prior to the performance date and is non-refundable within 30 days of the event.

Deposit and final payment can be sent by check to: 

Juliana Mary Nahas
4242 Washington Crescent Drive
Troy, Michigan

or paid via venmo @juliana-nahas-viilo

By completing the form below, you agree to the term and conditions of this contract. 

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50% due on signing, mailed by check to Juliana Nahas, 557 Ethel Ave SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506
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