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music selection

If you have specific music requests, I would love to work with you to provide exactly what you're looking for! There are descriptions below to help you get started thinking about your ceremony. Also, please check the repertoire page for more selections.

prelude music

The prelude is played 15-20 minutes before the ceremony while guests are arriving. Depending on the formality and location of your wedding, this music may be classical, love songs, or a mix of genres. 


processional music

The processional typically begins with one piece for the bridesmaids, flower girls and ring bearers, but may also include the groom, groomsmen and seating of the families. If no specific piece is selected for the groom and seating of the families, prelude music will continue to play. Following the bridal party, a new piece is selected for the bride's entrance. 

special music

Special music during the ceremony may include a candle lighting, flowers to Mary, rose ceremony, sand ceremony, sealing of a love letter box, etc. 

recessional music

The recessional music is often upbeat, and played as soon as the bride and groom are announced to make their exit. The recessional music will continue until the entire bridal party has exited the ceremony. 

postlude music

After the bridal party has exited, postlude music will begin for guests. Typically lasting 15-20 minutes, this music may be a mix of classical and love songs, based on your preferences. 

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